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Under the guidance of ICT Coordinator, Lisa Spence, Catcote School (MLD and SLD) in Hartlepool spent a term using Roamer for control. Here is the result of their work...

In the Summer Term '99 all of the students undertook an ICT module in 'Control'. For most, this was the first time that they had done any such work. Despite this, the students produced some outstanding work which ranged from controlling the roamer to move forwards and backwards to controlling the roamer to draw repeated patterns using the repeat and procedure commands.

Y7 and 8 (MLD and SLD students)

As part of their 'control' topic the students took part in activities which asked them to help the roamer in some way. In this particular activity, the students were required to help the friendly roamer collect raspberries as it travelled along the number line. There were strong links with mathematics as they were asked to use their knowledge of number bonds when working out different ways to make 7, 8 or 9, for example. The students progressed from this to a game called 'roamer skittles' which involved the roamer turning left and right.

Year 9 and 12 (MLD and SLD students)

After doing a lot of work based on the properties of 2-D shapes and the repeat and procedure commands these students used this knowledge to control the roamer to draw repeating patterns. It took them several attempts, but they persevered and learnt from their mistakes!

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