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Pupils at Wood Lane Primary School, Fleet, Lincolnshire were given a Circus Design Brief. A trip to Billy Smarts Circus (kindly donated by the circus who had learnt of their work) helped fire their imaginations. They found that using Inventa helped them create the structures and mechanisms that they had designed, giving a degree of accuracy that would otherwise have been impossible to achieve. Those that needed control were programmed using the Valiant Control Console. Its portability meant that they display could be set up in the hall.

As you can see the resulting circus acts show a humour and technical excellence that will hopefully inspire other schools. If you have any queries about any of the models please contact Valiant who will be pleased to help.

You can also download a copy of the presentation here. (zip file 67.1Mb in size.)

The following table lists the individual projects. Please follow the links to view pictures and descriptions of the work.
(Note: some of the pages contain animations which will take a few seconds to load.)



Cannon Shot

Lovely Leonora


Bareback Rider

Granny's Great

Juggling Joey

Balancing Act


Tom's Terrific



Bernie's Brew

Clowns Car

Nick the Knife

Custard Pie

Lion's Mouth

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