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Red Nose Day At Rowena Nursery And Infant School

Red Nose Day was a non-uniform day and children and staff paid to come to schools without uniforms. There were staff and children in a variety of clothes including some fancy dress outfits. It was wonderful to see the children's faces as they entered school to be greeted by the Head in a red wig.

It seemed very unfair the our roamers should miss out on the chance to dress up too. So each class designed and made a roamer outfit.

(See Photos 1, 2, 3 and 4 showing some designers at work in Class 3 (Year 1).
The Morning Nursery Children (Ages 3 to 4) made 'Party Roamer'. (Photo 5)
The Afternoon Nursery children (Ages 3 to 4) also made a 'Party Roamer'. (Photo 6)
Class 1 (Reception) made 'Red nose Roamer'. (Photo 7)
Class 2 (Reception) made 'Ruby Roamer'. (Photo 8)
Class 3 (Year 1) made 'Wiggy Roamer'. (Photo 9)
Class 4 (Year 1) made 'Caring and Sharing Roamer' because we have a school policy of caring and sharing for each other and they thought this was just right for Red Nose Day. (Photos 10 and 11)
Class 5 (Year 1 and 2) made 'Roary Roamer' - a friendly lion. (Photos 12 and 13)
Class 6 (Year 2) made 'Sunny Sunflower'. (Photo 14)
Class 7 (Year 2) made 'Rabbit Roamer'. (Photos 15 and 16).

The Roamers were allowed to show off their outfits at a special assembly and some children helped them with their programming. (Photos 17 and 18)

This was the first time we had shared a whole school project and everyone really had a great time it.

Red Nose Day ended with a very special visitor to present children with achievement certificates. In Photo 19, you can see our visitor with the head teacher in her red wig.

The day was a great success and we raised £337.23 for the appeal as well.

Pam Caunt
ICT Co-ordinator
Rowena Nusery and Infant School
Gardens Lane
S Yorks

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