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This activity has been created as part of a Red Nose Day fun activity. The basic idea is to manoeuvre Roamer onto a large floor picture of the Red Nose Day character and stop in the location of his missing nose.

Creating the context

Ronny Red Nose has lost his nose and Red Nose Day may have to be cancelled unless it is found. Only Roland Roamer can save the day.

Can you program Roland Roamer onto the face of Ronny Red Nose so his photograph can be taken for Red Nose Day?


You will need a Roamer with a red jacket or suitable covering in keeping with Red Nose Day and a large floor picture of the Red Nose Day character.

Obstacles may be required for older children to negotiate in order to create a challenge.


The children are challenged to give Ronny Red Nose a nose for Red Nose Day.

The children program Roamer from a fixed start position to stop in the location of the missing nose.

Stopping in the location of the nose is the aim but various levels of success can be achieved such as stopping on the face.

Younger children can be placed in line with the final position. The objective being the estimation of how far.

More able children can be given one or more obstacle to negotiate before reaching the final position.

This will require more involved programming and estimating.

Have fun!


Ian Crawford. Lyndhurst Primary School, Oldham. OL8 4JG.

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