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As a result of the great interest and publicity generated by the construction of the "London Eye" on the South Bank of the River Thames, the Millennium Wheel Company has received enquiries from Wimbledon Council requesting designs for a giant observation wheel to be situated on Wimbledon Common. Such designs may be different from the London Eye but must be able to provide an exciting experience for the public, by carrying them to a great height providing extensive views over the surrounding country.

Your Managing Director has asked you, the structural design team to brainstorm some ideas for a new "viewing wheel", draw an initial design and build a working model of the structure. The Wheel must rotate very slowly so that customers have time to get on and off without the wheel stopping.

Your task is to design and produce a sketch of your proposed wheel then build and demonstrate a model of the wheel and its supporting structure and a mechanism for rotating the wheel.

Technical Specification
The model must

  • be strong and stable
  • have a diameter of at least 80cm
  • have a rotation time of at least 10s
  • be fitted with passenger capsules at the rim of the wheel
  • be fitted with flashing coloured lights for warning purposes

Materials Available
Paper tube manufacturing system. Inventa parts. Leds, switch, wire and battery.

The model must complete 2 full rotations without external help or support

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