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The Valiant Roamer

Roamers are a race of creatures descended from an ancient tribe of Gypsy Robots. They are very eccentric and love to change their appearance.

Use the Face Shapes to give your Roamer different identities.

Ready to GO

Switch on your Roamer and press gobutton

What did it do?

Roamers remember what you tell them to do.

They do it when you press gobutton

They forget when you press

Try making your Roamer move forward. (You must tell it how far).

Try to discover how to make it turn.

See if you can make it hoot.

Ready to learn

What do you want the Roamer to do? Tell the Roamer to do three or four things, one after the other.

Add a couple more things to what it's already done.

What happens if you press and then press ?

Clear the memory and teach the Roamer something else.

Now you know how to program a Roamer try playing some of the games.

This activity may be freely copied for use in schools.

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