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Blackberry Jam

Every Autumn Roamers go into the countryside to gather blackberries for jam. The blackberries grow near a muddy pond The bushes with the most berries are nearest the water and its easy for a Roamer to fall in if it goes near the edge. Roamers must fill their baskets as fast as they can. The bushes with the most berries are near the pond but if a Roamer falls in it loses everything and start again.

Mark out the playing area.

Decide how many kilograms of blackberries fill a basket.

Place the Roamer on the starting line.

Using and the number buttons, move the Roamer forward to one of the blackberry patches.

The number on the patch shows how many kilograms are gathered.

If the Roamer lands between two patches, there is no score.

If any part of the Roamer lands in the pond, all the berries are lost.

If you score over the set amount, that turn does not count.

This activity may be freely copied for use in schools.

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