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Roamer Muncher

Explorer Roamer had a nasty surprise when she met a Roamer Muncher on her travels. The guide book said they were extinct. Munchers love to eat explorers and will chase them day and night. The explorer's only hope was to race home before the Muncher caught up.

Build a model of the countryside. Use objects to represent the explorer's home and obstacles like the mountains, desert and lake.

This is a game for two players

The first person plays the part of the Explorer, places the Roamer in the starting position and programs it to take the shortest route home. Write down each instruction so that you know the total distance home.

The second player plays Roamer Muncher and places the Roamer in the starting position. If the Muncher reaches the Explorer's home in a shorter distance it eats the Explorer. The Explorer wins if it travels home by a shorter route than the Muncher.

This activity may be freely copied for use in schools.

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