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Roamers love to gamble but it is against the law. The only place it is permitted is on the planet Las Roamas. The favourite game in the casinos is a cross between roulette and dice, known as "rice". Roamers like the game so much they travel from all over the Galaxy to play.

Place six empty cans, or blocks, in a circle and label the gaps from 1 to 6.

Place the Roamer in the centre of the circle.

Throw a die.

Key in a turn and a move, then press to move the Roamer through the gap with the same number.

If the Roamer passes through the right gap, that number is scored.

If a pillar is knocked over, or the Roamer passes through the wrong gap, there is no score.

Move the Roamer to the centre for the next player's turn.

The player with the highest score, after a set number of turns, wins.

This activity may be freely copied for use in schools.

  © 2004. Amethyst Consultancy Ltd.