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Roamer To Program Roamer Skittles Maze Slalom

This cancels Roamer's memory. If you don't press the CM button twice Roamer will automatically do whatever has been previously put in its memory.
This makes Roamer do any program that you have put in it.

The forward and backward arrows. These tell Roamer the direction to move in. Once you have told Roamer which way to go you have to tell it how far.
Roamer moves in units 30cm long (a Roamer body length). So this makes Roamer move forward 1 unit.
The right and left turn arrows. These tell Roamer which direction to turn. Once you have told Roamer which way to turn you have to tell it how much.
Roamer turns in degrees. So this makes Roamer turn right 90° - a right angle.
This cancels the last entry.
This makes Roamer wait.
Roamer waits in seconds. So this makes Roamer wait 2 seconds.
This makes Roamer play music. It should be followed by the numbers
1 - 8 length of note
1 - 13 pitch of note.
This is a long high note.

Remember if you don't want Roamer to do what you had previously programmed you must press

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