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Introduction Programming Instructions Teachers' Section Looking after your Roamer

Your Roamer package contains:

  • The Valiant Roamer (batteries not included)
  • The Roamer Activity Book.
  • The Roamer User Guide.
  • Programming Sheet.
  • A set of Face Shapes.

The Roamer uses two 'lantern' * batteries (e.g. Ever Ready PJ996) or the Valiant Rechargeable Battery Pack.

The Valiant Rechargeable Battery Pack incorporates features essential for the safety and protection of the Roamer. If you use unapproved rechargeable batteries, you may damage the Roamer and will invalidate the warranty.

* The international specification for lantern batteries is IEC 4R25, four cells in series, 6 volts with spring contacts.

Loading the Batteries

  1. Make sure the Roamer's slide switch, located in a depression at the front of the Roamer, is OFF (towards the Roamer's centre).
  2. Turn the Roamer upside down.
  3. Loosen the battery cover fasteners with a coin (fig 1).
  4. Remove the battery cover.
  5. Insert the batteries. Make sure that the springs are correctly located against the battery contacts.
  6. Replace the battery cover.
  7. Turn and push the battery cover fasteners until they click into place.

When to Remove the Batteries

If the Roamer is not in use for more than one week remove the batteries to avoid corrosion of the contacts.
Remove the batteries from your Roamer when you are transporting it (e.g. posting it). If the cells leak, the Roamer could be damaged.

Saving Battery Power

When the Roamer is switched on but not in use, it will sound a warning after five minutes. After six warnings, it will switch to a low power mode and lose the contents of its memory. Switch the Roamer off before restarting.

Battery Life

The life of the batteries depends on how the Roamer is used.
It uses less power when it is being programmed than when it is running around.
If you run it on a rough surface like a carpet, or use accessories such as motors or lights, more power is consumed than when the Roamer is running on a smooth surface.

Once you have loaded the batteries, switch ON the Roamer by sliding the switch away from Roamer's centre. The Roamer should 'beep'. You are now ready to start teaching your Roamer.

If you switch off the Roamer, pause for at least three seconds before switching it on again to allow the microprocessor to reset. If the Roamer does not 'beep' when you switch it on or makes a strange sound, switch it off. Wait for three seconds before switching it on again.

Switch off the Roamer when it is not in use

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