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The musical capability of Roamer was explored and explained in Issue 5 of GO Magazine. The response since then has been very positive. It adds an extra dimension to the creativity of the pupil's designs and, as one teacher pointed out, "The children can create music without having to master an instrument, particularly useful for the younger age groups".

In exploring musical patterns, children can learn the basic concepts of musical composition, and even by random programming can achieve a sense of satisfaction from creating music.

By remembering what length and pitch of note each number on the keyboard represents (see GO 5 or the User Guide), children can learn to read music and recreate recognisable tunes.

In keeping with the season we present the beginning of a number of Christmas favourites. What are they? Can the children complete the tunes?

These tunes have all been written to be played on the Roamer in its existing mode, but it is possible to change both tempo and octave (see Roamer User Guide).

Once the children have practised using the musical keyboard they should be able to write their own musical score for Roamer. They could write the words and music for their own Christmas song. We would love to see the best of the compositions.

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