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INVENTA Elastic Toy Car

An ideas stimulant to produce an easy to construct working INVENTA model.


In an effort to reduce waste contaminants caused by the manufacturer and disposal of batteries, a local manufacturer of mechanical toys wishes to shift from battery powered electric to elastic powered toys. The first range to consider for change is the transport series.


Using only the materials listed below, construct a working model of a simple elastic powered car. As the focus is on the type of motive force the design should be kept simple. Steerage is not required in the first instance, however the expectation is that your toy must be able to travel under its own elastic power for a minimum distance of 6 metres.


On completion of your model try different wheel sizes and/or types to determine by way of a results chart the most effective combination for maximum speed and stability. Engage in races against other craft to assist with the evaluation. Give it to a child for practical testing.


Science and Technology. Recreational, materials, mechanisms, structures, types of energy. The completed working model is used to provide a series of recording for an information technology data collection and presentation unit. Involves problem solving, research, mathematics, design, tools, safety, make and evaluation skills.


INVENTA Components 1 x 300mm length 10mm wood strip.
1 x 300mm length 5mm dowel,
4 wheels, pulley belt (about 60mm long)
Recyclables 1 Cereal box
Tools Pencil, ruler, vice, hacksaw,
glue gun, reamer drill,
hand drill with 5mm drill bit, safety ruler

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