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Compass Directions

I made this Roamer compass for my students to work with when studying angles and directions and thought it might be useful for others to have. I have included 2 versions of the worksheet, one in Textease and the other in Word.

There are four different versions which can be ammended as necessary.

In Word format:
Roamer Compass file Download here
In Textease format:
Roamer Compass file Download here
Roamer Worksheet file Download here


To make the compass:-
  • Print out one Roamer and one compass base for each child
  • Cut out and laminate both pieces with smooth laminating film
  • Place the Roamer onto the Roamer outline on the compass base and pierce both pieces through the centre.
  • Insert a paper fastener through the centres and open out at the base.
  • The paper fastener wings can be taped over with strong white tape or parcel tape.
  • The laminated base can be written on to add further degrees of turn, compass points etc.

Roamer worksheet.
This can be used to plan routes for use with Roamer mats. If laminated the sheets can be used with whiteboard pens.


Provided by:
Christian Duckworth
St Mary & St Andrew's Catholic Primary School

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