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Roamer Olympics


The Roamer team have just been accepted for the next Olympics. They are so keen that they are training 25 hours a day. The Olympic Committee have been so impressed by their hard work and positive attitude that they have said that they can carry the Olympic Torch for the last three stages of its journey.

What you need

  • 3 Roamers with control boxes attached
  • 3 Roamer jackets
  • 3 touch sensors
  • 3 lights
  • materials for design work.

What to do

  1. Change each Roamer into an Olympic sportsperson.
  2. Make an Olympic Torch for each Roamer with a light in it (the Olympic Flame) that is attached to an output line on the Control Box.
  3. Attach a touch sensor to the input line on the Control Box and fix it to the back of the Roamer.
  4. Program Roamer to respond to a touch, illuminate the light, move forward, turn off the light.
  5. Place the three Roamers in a row. Press the first touch sensor so that the light comes on and Roamer moves forward to bump into the second Roamer. (Hint: place a wait command at the beginning of the program.)

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