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Sequencing Roamer 2

This activity assists children in programming Roamer using the Roamer cards to help with sequencing.

You will need:

1 Roamer
All Clear Memory cards
All Forwards cards
All Backwards cards
All Go cards

Sit around a table with enough floor space nearby for operating Roamer.

Place cards face up in the middle of the table.

Each child in turn takes cards to make their own program for Roamer:
1st round Clear Memory card
2nd round direction - either Forwards or Backwards card
3rd round distance - how many steps? - a number card
4th round Go card

Children should be encouraged to place their chosen cards in the correct sequence and be able to say what they are.

When this task is complete, move on to programming Roamer by each child in turn placing their chosen cards to one side of Roamer. (If placed in front they will be in the way when programming a backwards move.)

The child then uses the cards to help them program.

Note: This activity works best with no more than four children at any one time, as they have to wait for their turn to program Roamer.



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