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Information Sheet - Some Short Cuts

Using Repeat

If you want to repeat some commands you can use the repeat button - R

For example to make S in Morse Code you could press

R 3 [ 1 5 1 14 ]

This will make a short medium tone note followed by a short rest three times.

Using Procedures

Another short cut is to use procedures. You could make a procedure for each letter and use these to make procedures for each word. It works like this:

Make a procedure for letter A called P20 like this:

P 20 [ 1 5 1 14 8 5 1 14 ]

Notice that when you are "writing" the procedure the sounds that Roamer makes change. When you press GO nothing happens.

To hear the morse for A press P 20 GO

If you have made procedures P21 for B, P22 for C, P23 for D and so on, a procedure (P10) to send the word BAD would be:

P 10 [ P 21 P 20 P 23 ]

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