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Roamer Sheepdog

Change Roamer into a sheepdog, add a sound sensor and then program it to respond to whistles. One whistle = turn right, two whistles = turn left, 3 whistles = wait.

Using a soft ball as a sheep, get Roamer to pen the sheep.

Programming solution

S  12   20
P2  [ S13 45  S12 ]
P3  [ S14 45  S12 ]
P4  [ S12  W5 ]


An alternative idea has been sent in by Philip Edwards, Cwmaber Junior School. He has tried this activity successfully with his pupils and is keen to hold a local Roamer Sheepdog Trials - any takers?

"Take a small piece of double sied tape and stick it to the front of Roamer. Unpeel it, leaving a sticky piece on the Roamer. Place a small polystyrene cup on the floor. If the Roamer touches the cup, it sticks to the tape and the Roamer can bring it back.
I'd love to see an Inter School competition using this idea."

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