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  SenSci Data Logger


Complete with 4 data ports and 128k of memory for experiments. Large LCD screen supports easy to use menu and help/info system. Options of bar/time graphs or numerical data presentation. Supports live logging and on-board analysis. Serial and USB ports. Includes operators manual.

Single Basic Logger: Code 1531-100 £99.95
Set of 5 Basic Loggers: Code 1531-101 £450.00


This elegant module simply plugs into the data logger to provide three on board sensors: Light, sound and temperature. These are the only sensors required at Key Stage 2. However for the more adventurous there is a full range of remote sensors.

Code 1531-200C £30.00

"Using ICT to make data come alive is very exciting for young people. Data loggers are the devices that make this process simple. I'm pleased to see new, easy to use and cost effective devices on the market that will create new opportunities to use electronic data logging in both primary and secondary schools."

- Prof. Nigel Paine, Director of Science Year


Click here for the Data Logger simulation

Data can be viewed as either bar graphs, line graphs or numerical tables.

  Sensors and Software


Light, Sound, Temperature and Pressure sensors.

Sensors available soon: pH, Humidity, Thermocouple, Oxygen, Colorimeter, EKG, Heart Rate, Voltage, Current, Pressure Mats, Motion, Accelerometer, Force, Angular Position - other sensors are also under development.

Light Sensor 0 to 100,000 Lux (pitch black to direct sunlight).

Code: 1531-201C £25.00

Sound Sensor 0 to 130 dB (from silence to painful).

Code: 1531-202C £25.00

Temperature Sensor -30C to 125C (from Siberian freezing to meltdown).

Code: 1531-203C £15.00

Pressure Sensor >0 to 200 KPa (from vacuum to twice atmospheric pressure).

Code: 1531-204C £40.00

Short Sensor leads [2] Pack of 4 leads 25cm long to connect remote sensors to Logger.

Code: 1531-300C £5.00

Long Sensor leads Pack of 4 leads 50cm long to connect remote sensors to Logger.

Code: 1531-301C £7.50

USB Connector Transfers data from the logger via the USB port. Can also power the logger when connected to the computer and charge rechargeable batteries.

Code: 1531-304C £10.00

Serial Connector Transfers data from the logger via the serial port.

Code: 1531-305C £7.50



[3] Software for working with the logger data on a computer. Suitable for primary schools. Allows you to play back and study experimental results as bar or time graphs, numerical tables or histograms. Provides you with tools compatible with primary school maths and science curriculum.

Single User Licence: Code 1531-150C £25.00
Site Licence: Code 1531-151C £50.00

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