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Inventa Packs


A School Starter Pack provides all the components and support materials suitable for an entire school. Order a starter pack and receive a reamer drill free of charge.

Code 1541-100C  95.00

10 tooth multi-purpose gear 10
20 tooth multi-purpose gear 10
30 tooth multi-purpose gear 10
40 tooth multi-purpose gear 10
50 tooth multi-purpose gear 10
Rack gear 6
Plastic chain 200mm
Dual purpose worm gear and screw 6
Screw box 3
10mm diameter pulley 20
30mm diameter pulley 20
50mm diameter pulley 20
60mm diameter pulley 20
70mm diameter pulley 20
Pulley belt 4m
40mm diameter wood wheel 4
70mm diameter wood wheel 4
Winch drum 6
Flange plate 6
Long adaptor pin 70
Short adaptor pin 30
7.5mm diameter rigid plastic tubes 500mm 2m
5mm diameter rigid plastic tubes 500mm 5m
5mm diameter wood dowel 600mm long 4.8m
10mm square wood strip 600mm long 6m
Link strip 30
Short link strip 10
Connector strip 10
Right angle gusset plate 10
60 degree gusset plate 10
Angle strip 10
Bearing bracket 10
Bearing block 10
Slider plate 5
Straight adaptor 15
Cross adaptor 5
Side adaptor 5
End adaptor 10
Parallel adaptor 5
M4 screws 25mm long 15
M4 washers 15
M4 Nuts 15
Inventa Book of Mechanisms 1
Inventa Techniques Sheets 1 set
Inventa Skills Sheets 1 set
Make It (Video) 1
Making with Inventa (Video Book) 1
Design Portfolio Masters 1 set

"Inventa uses familiar materials and techniques, but the components remove the frustrating problems we experienced in making things work. Now we can concentrate on exploring technology through creative, worthwhile activities, not fiddling to get things to fit together and work."

Pete Jewett, Secondary Technology Teacher, London.


"Our project on the circus would have been extremely difficult without the accuracy that Inventa ensures. The pupils were able to make some very complex mechanisms and by being able to use a wide range of materials with Inventa they could give full rein to their imagination."

Trevor Thompson , Primary Head Teacher, Lincolnshire.


"Good value for money. The starter pack is very comprehensive and provides an extensive range of interlinking components.

DATA "Guide to Design and Technology Resources - Primary" 1997


All the materials you need for a class of 30*. Success guaranteed for beginners or experienced teachers with minimum preparation time. Both packages are fully supported with: Photocopiable workcards / lesson plans / materials explaining gear and pulley / structures.


Obtain successful results developing making skills and exploring simple gear and pulley mechanisms.

Contains all the components needed to make 15 mechanisms. Photocopy masters, Teacher's Notes and Information sheet.

Code 1541-154C £15.00


A three hour activity developing making skills and an understanding of structures using frames and sheet material.

Contains: All the components needed to make 15 structures. Photocopy masters, Teacher's Notes and Information sheet.

Code 1541-155C £15.00


Four ideas teach basic skills: extra components for your own projects.

This pack contains all the components, templates and step-by-step instructions needed to create four very different focused activities. Simply replace the components and the projects can be repeated year after year. Contains: 32 photocopiable worksheets, 1 Reamer Drill, 1 set of templates, components, wood strip and wood dowel. Does not contain found material.

Code 1541-142C  £19.95

Inventa Intro Kit Workcards and Templates.
Contains: photocopy masters and templates for the four focused tasks, but no components or Reamer Drill.

Code 1541-143C £10.00

Plastic Wheels.

40mm Diameter Pack of 50 - Code 1541-149C £8.50
70mm Diameter Pack of 30 - Code 1541-150C £10.40

Wooden Wheels.

40mm Pack of 100 - Code 1541-123C £6.00
70mm Pack of 100 - Code 1541-124C £8.00

Inventa Base Board
Can be used to make Inventa and Tronix models. Pack of 5.

Code 1541-144C £3.00


"A great way for the non-specialist teacher to get involved in design technology and endure successful results."

Richard Sugden, Advisory Teacher D&T, Humberside.


Inventa is based on 10mm wood strip constructions


[1] Can be cut, bent and made into curved structures. As cheap as wood strip and an alternative material. Ideal for making levers and linkages.

  Code Price
Standard Pack 1541-103C £6.50
Contains: 30 link strips (300mm long), 10 short link strips (150mm long), 10 connector strips, 10 angle strips, 10 60o and 10 right angle gusset plates.
Bulk Pack 1541-104C £60.00
Contains: 10 standard Packs


[2] Use as normal, bevel and worm gears. Use with rack gears and as a chainwheel. Push fit onto 5mm shaft. Number of teeth and pulley size marked on for identification. Single sixe gear and pulley packs available.

  Code Price
Standard Pack 1541-101C £6.50
Contains: 25 gears and 30 pulleys: 5 each of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 tooth gears plus 10 pulleys 10mm diameter and 5 each of 30, 50 60 and 70mm diameter.
Bulk Pack 1541-102C £30.00
Contains: 5 standard Packs


[3] Contains: winch drum, dual purpose worm gear and power screw, rack gera, multi-purpose flange plate and a screw box (used with power screw).

  Code Price
Standard Pack 1541-107C £8.50
Contains: 12 winch drums, 12 rack gears, 12 screw/worm gears, 6 screw boxes and 12 flange plates
Bulk Pack 1541-108C £40.00
Contains: 5 standard Packs


[4] Adaptor pins provide a quick, easy to use fastener. They're also used to mount gears, pulleys, etc. onto motors. The bearings eliminate problems experienced in making mechanisms run freely.

  Code Price
Standard Pack 1541-105C £6.50
Contains: 10 bearing brackets and 10 bearing blocks, 70 long adaptor pins (used to fit mechanisms to dc motors) and 30 short adaptor pins (used to fit mechanisms to stepper motors).
Bulk Pack 1541-106C £30.00
Contains: 5 standard Packs
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