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Inventa Component Packs
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Adaptor Pack. Standard Pack 1541-109C 6.00
5 different types. Used to make scaffold like structures, or integrate round and square materials. Can also be used to make mechanisms with dowel. Contains: 10 slider plates, 20 end adaptors, 30 straight adaptors, 10 side, 10 cross and 10 parallel adaptors
Bulk Pack 1541-110C £27.00
Contains: 5 standard Packs
Wood strip. [1] Standard Pack 1541-111C £7.10
10mm square, 600mm lomg pine (wood strip). Contains: 50 lengths.
Bulk Pack 1541-112C £33.70
Contains: 5 standard Packs
Plastic Shaft. [2] Standard Pack 1541-115C 6.95
5mm diameter, 50mm long. Cheaper alternative to wood dowel. Contains: 100 lengths.
Bulk Pack 1541-116C £33.00
Contains: 5 standard Packs
Wood Dowel. [3] Standard Pack 1541-113C 4.75
5mm diameter, 600mm long. Contains: 50 lengths
Bulk Pack 1541-114C £45.00
Contains: 10 standard Packs
Collar and Spacing Material. [4] Standard Pack 1541-121C 4.50
Fits onto 5mm dowel: 500mm long. Cut to size to make collars and spacers. Contains: 25 lengths.
Bulk Pack 1541-122C £21.38
Contains: 5 standard Packs
Flexible Drive and Coupling Material. [5] Standard Pack 1541-119C 4.50
Fits onto 5mm dowel: 500mm long. Used to overcome problems of shaft misalignment. Contains: 25 lengths.
Bulk Pack 1541-120C £21.38
Contains: 5 standard Packs
Chain. [6] Standard Pack 1541-156C 3.00
Works with gears to make a chain drive. Contains: 200mm plastic chain.
Pulley Belt. Standard Pack 1541-138C 0.99
Inexpensive elastic belt. Cut to any length and tie ends together to make belt. Contains: 10 metres.

Individual component packs also available. Please contact Valiant for details.

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