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Support materials save on training budgets and provide training for all staff members.

"Congratulations must be in order to Valiant for the Inventa book of Mechanisms...for once the boast on the cover rings true - this book is essential for every technology classroom!."

Technology in Education, February 1995.

  Code Price
Inventa Book of Structures. Standard Pack 1541-216C 12.50
An enjoyable book. Everything you need to know about basic structures. Contains: 1 book.
Bulk Pack 1541-217C £99.95
Contains: 10 books.
Inventa Book of Mechanisms. Standard Pack 1541-125C 12.50
An enjoyable book. Illustrated in full colour, everything you need to know about basic mechanisms. Contains: 1 book.
Bulk Pack 1541-126C £99.95
Contains: 10 books
Topic Materials: Food and Agriculture Part 1 Standard Pack 1541-127C 4.95
Takes an historical look at technology in food and agriculture. Provides a range of topical activities. Contains: 1 book and 1 set of teacher's notes.
Bulk Pack 1541-128C £44.50
Contains: 10 books and 10 sets of teacher's notes.
"Make It" video and "Making with Inventa" book Standard Pack 1541-133C 30.00
Video showing how to use tools correctly and safely. Useful for both the classroom and INSET.
How to Use Inventa (Teacher's Notes) Standard Pack 1541-131C 4.95
Explains the Inventa System, discusses various practical classroom issues and helps integrate design and make work into the curriculum. Contains: 1 book.
Inventa Techniques Sheets Standard Pack 1541-129C 9.95
Fully illustrated sheets on design-and-make using Inventa. Techniques shown practically applied to projects. Contains: 23 pages on how to use Inventa and 23 pages of things to make. Essential support.

"Through using the technique sheets the children's technical vocabulary increased significantly in a short period of time."

Richard Carpenter, Primary Teacher, Hampshire.

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