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Add new dimensions to your Roamer by linking it to your PC.

RoamerWorld Software
- for Windows 3.1 and above. Hard disk space: 14 Mb.
Complete Roamer World Graphics Program and Maps 1: Routes and Journeys Roamer World Activities.
Single User Code 1521-150C £29
Up to 5 Users Code 1521-151C £99
Up to 10 Users Code 1521-152C £149
Up to 20 Users Code 1521-153C £199
Up to 50 Users Code 1521-157C £249
50+ Users Code 1521-159C £299

To upgrade from one licence to another you pay the difference. You need an interface to connect Roamer and the computer.

PC Interface
Cable connection to link Roamer to PC. Allows programs to be sent between Roamer and computer.

Code 1521-170C £17.50

Update from just £10

Change from v1 to v2 and a 32-bit environment for RoamerWorld. RoamerWorld single user update.

Code 1521-179C £10.00

"This is exactly what's needed to extend the IT capability in geography."
Anne Jones, Advisory Teacher for IT, St. Helens.

"I believe this is just the introduction to control that primary schools have been waiting for."
Liz Antribus, Head Teacher, Lambeth.

To try out RoamerWorld for yourself simply download a 30 day trial by clicking here.

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