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Roamer Mats  


[1] This simple idea allows children to make a Roamer play area of any size or shape. Each floor mat is 1 foot square.

  Code Price
Floor Mats. 12 pack
Ideal for number lines and simple routes
1521-118C £21.00
Floor Mats. 36 pack
Makes a 6 x 6 square with grid
1521-119C £51.00
Floor Mats. Numbers 0-9 1521-131C £21.95
Alphabet Mats. 26 pack
Upper case letters
1521-137C £45.00


Ready, Steady, GO!! Get Roamer into its Formula One kit and set your stop watch for the ride of your life! Stunning full colour mat measuring 1200mm x 1200mm. Complete with teachers notes.

Code 1521-140C £32.99


The most natural way to use ICT and Literacy in true synergy, based on this delightful classroom favourite, children will be queuing up to re-enact this tale, dashing from place to place on the Isle of Struay. Map measures 1200mm x 900mm and comes complete with teachers notes.

Code 1521-141C £29.99


Travel far and wide with Roamer as your adventures take you to a treasure island. Roamer will help the children hunt out the treasure passing through the mountains, via the palm trees and avoiding the snapping sharks. Linking literacy and ICT has never been so easy.

Code 1521-138C £32.99


Advance children's use of Roamer by introducing them to different angle sizes as Roamer has to manipulate its way around the town, avoiding cars and any pedestrians that might be in the way.

Code 1521-139C £32.99


Multi-activity mat for Roamer. Full colour. Whether doing simple letter recognition or getting lunch to the Lighthouse keeper, this mat provides a host of activities for all ages. Comes with a sheet of suggested activities to be used as starting points for own ideas.

Code 1521-142 £35.00

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