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We've done it for you. We put all the tools we could find through rigorous testing in the classroom. The ones shown here are those chosen by teachers and students.


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Valiant Worktop
[1] Allows children to work at their desk or a table. It protects furniture and provides a craft table. It's 1cm grid makes it useful for marking out and for using as a drawing board. Work can be securely clamped to the surface, pupils can work with both hands, useful when making wood strip frames.

Single Pack 1542-100C     £7.00
Pack of 5 1542-101C    £32.50

Clamp and Clamping Screw Packs
[2] Used to clamp work to the Valiant Worktop. Particularly good for making wood strip frames. Helps raise the quality of pupils work and introduces good practice and safety techniques. Both packs needed.

10 Clamps 1542-106C    £5.50
10 Clamping Screws 1542-107C    £4.95

Valiant Vice
[3] A unique tool especially for design and make work. Use it as a normal vice, or as a cutting and drilling jig for 10mm wood strip. Ledges in the vice hold wood strip and dowel level, facilitating precise drilling and cutting. The metal cutting guides don't wear and need replacing like bench hooks. The drilling jig holes match the holes in link strips.
Clamps the vice to the Valiant Worktop.

1542-105C    £9.95

Desk Clamps
[4] Clamps the Vice onto a desk or table.

1542-146C    £2.00

Small G Clamp
[5] Lightweight G Clamps ideal for using with wood strip or clamping materials together while marking out or glueing.

1542-102C    £1.25

Large G Clamp
[6] Similar to the small G Clamp but with a deeper throat.

1542-103C    £1.85

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Sash Cramp
[7] A minature version of a carpenter's sash cramp. Used for the same purpose - making wood frames. Using the same simple techniques as professionals introduces the correct way of making things and increases the quality of the children's work.

1542-104C    £2.99



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Steel Ruler
Used if very accurate measurements are required.

1542-111C    £1.75

Used with the Valiant Worktop to mark out shapes on paper, card or sheets of plastic. Inventa encourages the use of card and paper. This tool can be used to make accurate nets.

1542-112C    £1.50

This square is designed for the purpose: it's lightweight and is perfectly sized for 10mm wood strip and link strip.

1542-115C    £1.50


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Flat Blade Screwdriver
[1] Suitable for M4 slotted screws used with Inventa.

1542-109C    £1.00

Cross Head Screwdriver
[2] Suitable for M4 Phillips or pozi-drive screws.

1542-110C    £1.00

[3] A spanner made especially for use with Inventa. Suits M4 hexagon headed screws or M4 nuts.

Pack of 10 1542-115C    £2.70

Low Melt Glue Gun
[4] Just as effective as hot melt glue guns, but safer.

1542-131C    £9.50

Glue Sticks
Suitable for use with the low melt glue gun.

Pack of 25 1542-132C    £3.50

"We recommend tools only if:
1) they're safe;
2) children find them easy to use and control, and achieve quality outcomes with them;
3) they support design and make activities and promote the development of skills and craftmanship;
4) they lay the foundation for future technical education and
5) they're good value for money."

Dave Catlin, Managing Director, Valiant Technology.


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Enclosed Hand Drill
[1] This drill has the gears enclosed. Its high gear ratio, made from high quality gears, makes it easy for the frailest children to turn. The force is applied to the drill in line with the drill bit (unlike pistol grip drills), making it easier to drill holes straight.

1542-123C    £13.00

5mm Drill Bit

1542-124C    £0.60

6mm Drill Bit

1542-125C    £0.70

Reamer Drill
[2] Used to enlarge holes in Inventa components so that they spin on 5mm dowel.

1542-126C    £1.75


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Craft Knife
[3] Used for cutting thick card.

1542-120C    £1.10

Paper Cutters
[4] This is a safe tool for cutting or scoring paper or thin card.

Pack of 3 1542-119C    £3.00

Junior Hacksaw
[5] Young children find this saw easy to use. It has a strong frame, which prevents the blade from twisting.

1542-116C    £0.95

Junior Hacksaw with Blade Release
[6] This saw has all the advantages of the previous type, but has a screw device to make changing the blade easy.

1542-139C    £1.60

Flat File [7]

1542-142C    £1.80

Round File [8]

1542-143C    £1.80


"The aspect that clinched it for me was the degree of thought that has gone into the range of low cost tools, with which children can build accurately and confidently."

Chris Drage, Journalist and Primary School Teacher, London.




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