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"At last! An electronic teaching system that is designed to integrate into all types of project work, be it a simple electric circuit forming part of a model house or a more complex electronic circuit. Tronix is so easy, it has to be experienced to be believed. A great strength is that a completed circuit automatically 'draws' its own circuit diagram as it is assembled. Many hours of frustration would have been avoided if we'd had a system like this before."

Stewart Dunn, Middle School Teacher and CDT textbook author.


It allows pupils to explore the science of electricity and then apply that understanding in technology projects.


An economical way to start electricity in your classroom.
Contains: 1 baseboard, 2 lampholders and lamps, 1 6V battery holder, 1 slide switch, 1 motor, 1 motor mounting bracket, 1 buzzer, 5m wire, Teacher's Notes.

Code 1543-100C £17.50


This package provides enough materials for class science and technology projects, suitable for 7 to 13 year olds. The workcards provide a comprehensive Programme of Study with science investigations and design and make assignments. The Teacher's Notes explain the principles of electricity and give hints on the design and make tasks.
Contains: 5 base boards, 5 6V battery holders, 1 3V battery holder, 2 push buttons, 5 slide switches, 1 micro switch, 1 reed switch, 2 potentiometers, 5 lamp holders, 10 lamps, 3 motors, 3 motor mounting brackets, 2 buzzers, 10m wire, 20 photocopiable workcards, Teacher's Notes, Curriculum guidance sheet.
Includes the Programme of Study - Electricity.

Code 1543-101C £79.95


Patent Ref: GB9511790.9
Tronix is a trademark used by Valiant Technology Ltd.


  Code Price
1. Tronix 6 Volt Battery Holder 1543-103SC 2.55
2. Tronix 3 Volt Battery Holder 1543-104SC 2.45
3. Tronix Lamp Holder 1543-105SC 2.30
    Tronix Lamp Bulbs (10) 1543-106C 0.99
4. Tronix LEDs 1543-107SC 2.30
5. Tronix Motor 1543-108SC 2.20
  . Motor Mounting Bracket 1543-121SC 0.60
6. Tronix Buzzer 1543-109SC 3.99
    Tronix Solenoid 1543-110C 15.00
7. Simple Push Switch 1543-111SC 2.60
8. Push Button Switch 1543-112SC 2.85
9. Slide Switch 1543-113SC 2.95
10. Two Way Switch 1543-114SC 2.95
11. Micro Switch 1543-115SC 2.95
12. Reed Switch 1543-117SC 2.60
     Baseboard 1543-118SC 0.60
13. Tronix Potentiometer
220 ohm Variable Resistor
1543-122SC 3.99
14. Tronix Spare Carrier
Allows you to add your own components
1543-123SC 2.00
     Tronix Point Extender 1543-120SC 1.20
15. Tronix Wire 25m
Single core 1mm diameter
1543-119SC 4.95
16. Wire Stripper 1542-200SC 2.50


[17] These gear boxes provide high quality motor and ready-assembled gearbox with an 86:1 ratio. Easily extendable into other gear ratios using Inventa gears. Fit Inventa and Tronix models. 2mm output shaft.

  Code Price
Gearbox with:
Tronix motor 1530-208TC 6.00
Excel motor with Tronix connector 1530-209TC 8.00
Standard motor 1530-208C 5.00
Excel motor 1530-209C 7.00
Without motor 1530-219C 4.00

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