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Autumn, "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness..", or Fall, when leaves fall down. Autumn has inspired poets for centuries and provides a great chance for some creative writing.

On the floor set out a route/ road for Roamer to take, as if going for a walk. Along the route place items such as Conkers, leaves, pictures of a lake, birds migrating etc. Then the children should:

  1. Dress Roamer suitably for an Autumn walk.
  2. Program Roamer to take her walk.
  3. Discuss what Roamer will see, smell, hear on her walk. (Obviously the conkers represent chestnut trees etc.)
  4. Write a description of the Roamer walk in two different ways:
    1. purely giving directions - eg. Go forward until you reach the Chestnut trees, then take a right had turn and carry on until you can see the lake ….
    2. a descriptive piece - eg. Wrapped up warmly and wearing her Wellingtons, Roamer was able to jump in all the puddles as she followed the path through the Chestnut wood…
  5. Draw a picture of the walk.
  6. Write a poem about the walk.

This is a nice self-contained unit that will fit in well with all the other project work that you will be doing on Autumn. It could be set up after a walk that the children take, placing items they have collected from their walk along Roamer's path. Or perhaps built up over time as children bring autumnal items in.

As always, we would love to see photos of your pupils covering this topic. Or if you have any suggestions for future topic please contact us on

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