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On January 29th 2006 the Year of the Dog starts and turning Roamer in to a dog has always been a favourite activity. Using a Roamer jacket you could change your Roamer into a well-loved pooch and then program it to stiff round your classroom, carry the newspaper in from the door and maybe stop at a few well placed “lamp posts”.

A more advanced dog is the sheepdog activity that you will find under the classroom activities button.

Of course Chinese New Year can only be properly celebrated with a dragon – so why not turn your Roamer into a dragon with long flowing tail that twists and turns in its dragon dance. Or really challenge your pupils by putting several Roamers under the dragon costume then program them all to twist and turn individually but follow the main route of the dance – after all the Chinese have several people dancing under one dragon costume!

To find out more about Chinese New Year go to:

There are many Chinese legends that can be acted out, perhaps the best known being the story behind the willow pattern plate.

If you have several Roamers you can act out the story or find other legends (see to enact.

We would love to see photos of any Chinese New Year work that you do, to put up on this website. We would also love any feedback or suggestions for future Topical topics that you would like to see. Please contact us via this link.


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