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As we all know this is the time for witches, wizards, ghouls and ghosties so there are two projects that spring to mind:


Some great control activities could result from this topic.

A remote camera that will be activated from a pressure pad or sound. Using Roamer or the Control Console or SenSci attach a sensor to an input line. You then need to make some sort of mechanism that will push down on the camera switch to take the photo (just use a cheap disposable camera).

The program needs to wait until the sensor is activated which makes the mechanism take a picture.

Splurge guns could be a fun/messy design and make activity. Using shaving foam as the "splurge" children could be asked to design a "gun" using Inventa and found materials. This can look as original as you like. In the ghostbusters film the canisters are worn on the back with the firing mechanism attached to a hose.

All good haunted houses have trip wires planted round them. Another control activity. Maybe this could be what sets off the camera.

And for Wizards and Witches there is

Harry Potter

Why not turn Roamer into one of Hagrid's mythical creatures. At a simple level this would mean decorating a Roamer jacket to look like the creature and then programming it to behave appropriately.

A more advanced version could be to add motors for wings to flap or limbs to walk and perhaps sensors so that it can react to sound or notice things in its way.

Or if you want to stick to "people" the Harry Potter books are populated with the most wonderful characters so you could turn Roamer into Snape, or Dudley, or Hermione, or Albus Dumbledore.

Once you've changed Roamer why not send him/her shopping down Diagon Alley. Create a map on the floor and write a shopping list for your Roamer to use.

Then of course there is the Hogwart's Express or the Weasley's car…

As always, we would love to see photos of your pupils covering this topic. Or if you have any suggestions for future topic please contact us on

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