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As many of you are probably aware Michael Bond and Stephen Fry are visiting Paddington in Peru. He will then return with them for a long holiday in the UK touring British schools.

If you are lucky enough to have Paddington visit you here is a nice integrated ICT activity for you to do. If Paddington isn't visiting I'm sure one of your pupils will have a friendly bear prepared to be a "stand-in".

  1. Using Inventa and the Inventa's workshop cards "Soapbox Derby" create a chariot for Paddington to ride in that can be hitched (suction hook) to a Roamer horse.

  2. Program the Roamer horse to take Paddington on a tour of the school.
  3. Whilst Paddington is touring the school he can carry with him the SenSci Datalogger with the plug-in sensor module attached.

  4. When Paddington returns to the classroom after his journey download the readings into the computer for analysis.

  5. Using the readings as a guide the children can then invent a journey for Paddington. Perhaps he was attacked by a dragon as the temperature reading went up. Did it get noisy? Perhaps he joined in with a trolls party. As it got darker perhaps he was exploring deep in a cave. Their imaginations can run riot, but must follow the data.

  6. Or you could be more prosaic and just describe the journey - the temperature went up as the Chariot went past the radiator, he then turned the corner into Mrs Mitchell's classroom and bright sunlight was steaming in the window.

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