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In light of the recent tragic events in London we felt it was time to return to this theme. As a London based company we condemn the barbaric acts and send our thoughts and prayers to all those who lost loved ones or were affected in any way.

We have to believe in the search for peace and tolerance and that the future is in our children's hands...

This activity can be done at circle time, although of course any time would do!

Place a large piece of paper on the floor (3 wallpaper widths is fine). Get the class to sit in a large circle on the paper. Place a pen in the Roamer. Start with the teacher/classroom assistant - you must choose one person to send Roamer to. You must state their name, give one way that they are different from you (could be as simple as they have brown eyes, I have blue or they're younger than me!) and one reason you like them (they smile a lot). You then program Roamer to go to that person and it draws a line as it goes.

They then choose someone to send Roamer to stating a difference and why they like them. Obviously the teacher needs to ensure that all the children are visited.. At the end Roamer should have drawn a really intricate "cobweb" showing how all the children are linked to each other and hopefully that although there are many differences that is not a reason not to like someone.

A whole school activity

Change Roamer into a Dove (of Peace). Start at one classroom. The pupils in this classroom have to write a short message to children in another class (preferably a different year group). It could be a general goodwill message or something more specific to that group. (They should also include the instruction that the new class should now write a goodwill message to another class and program the Roamer to go there) They attach the message to the Roamer Dove (blutac!) and program the robot to deliver the message. (Note: if it is going upstairs it will need a pupil helper). They should also program in a little tune to announce its arrival. By the end of the day every class should have received and should have sent a message and so a chain of goodwill has been completed.

Although this is a simple activity to do it obviously helps if the teachers have previously ensured that all the classes will be included in the chain - it would be awful if one class was left out!)

Please do send us your ideas if you have any other suggestions for this topic or if you have any other topics that you would like to see (and have ideas for) please do send them to us.

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