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Discussion Cards

1. There is a shortcut home through the woods. Do you use it?

2. You need to cross the busy road. Do you cross where you are or walk 100yards to a zebra crossing

3. You need to cross the quiet road. Do you cross where you are or walk 100 yards to a zebra crossing.

4. You are going to be late home and your mum is going to be cross. A friend of your neighbour's stops his car and offers you a lift. Should you accept?

5. You fall over and twist your ankle. Your friend's mum offers to give you a lift home. Should you accept?

6. A man is looking through bushes calling for his dog. He's lost him and asks for your help. Should you help him?

7. Some friends are playing on a building site. It looks great fun. They call you over. What should you do?

8. It's a hot sunny day and the pond in the park looks inviting. You think you're a good swimmer should you and your friend jump in?

9. You want to cross the shallow stream. There are lots of little rocks to cross by. Should you cross the stream by jumping from rock to rock?

10. It's getting dark. Should you use the shorter route through a short alley or the longer route down a well-lit street?

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