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With many parts of the country enjoying a seasonal blanket of snow you could make use of it with a variety of activities:

1. Program Turtle/Roamer to draw some snowflakes.

2. Change Roamer into a snowman and enact the story of "The Snowman", or place different scenes from the story (the bedroom, the fridge etc.) on the floor and program Roamer to visit them in the correct order.

3. Place lots of different snowflakes at intervals along a route (the roamer mats come in handy for this). Pupils throw a dice and program Roamer to move the corresponding number of "steps". If the roamer lands on a snowflake they may collect it. The pupils continues throwing the dice and collecting snowflakes to the end of the route. The next pupil has a go along the route. The "winner" is the one who collects the most snowflakes.

4. Place the alphabet mats in a grid. Pupils have to think of as many words associated with snow as they can and get Roamer to spell them out. This could be a timed activity to add to the excitement with points being given for different length words (eg. 3 points for 3 letter words, 4 points for 4 letter words etc.)

5. An activity for younger children: Make 4 pairs of snowflake cards. Place 1 set of cards at the cardinal points round Roamer and change the Roamer unit of turn to 90º - press 90 .
The other set of cards are face down. Pupils have to turn a card over and program Roamer to turn to its matching snowflake.


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