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In order to get into the National Roamer World Cup team you have to have proven skills.

Since most of the key games (eg. England v. Argentina, England v Germany) seem to be decided on Penalty Shoot outs the Roamer team has decided that this is a skill that every Roamer should have. The other skill is the ability to dribble round your opponents just like Michael Owen. They have decided that there is only one Beckham and they can't possibly take corners or free kicks like him so they'll stick to penalty shoot outs and dribbling.

Place a ball on a penalty spot in front of an open goal. Program Roamer to reverse and then run up and hit the ball. Can it score a goal? An extension of this would be to add a "goalie" Roamer who could be programmed to move across the goal. "GO" should be pressed on both Roamers at once.

Place a row of "defender" skittles in front of the goal. Roamer has to push a ball round the skittles and into the goal. If you want you can build a "cow catcher" type apparatus on the front of Roamer to make it easier to keep the ball under control. Remembering that England has a good record of "Fair Play" we don't encourage you to see how many defenders Roamer can "take out"!

Good Luck to England and Ireland from all the Roamer Team!


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