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Data Logger User manual

Using this feature you can access data from previously stored experiments individually or you can delete/upload all files together.

'Data Files' to access the file selection screen.

to the individual experiment you want information on, (if more than 3 files are present an arrow will be visible to the right of the home icon, scroll right to shuffle through the files, scroll left past 'Home' and 'All' to access the last file), then. A sub-menu will appear containing the following:

Explore the sub-menu with thebuttons and enter your choice with.

Data files menu: file 1 highlighted
Data file sub-menu: view file highlighted


'View' to look at a time graph overview of the total experiment, one sensor at a time..

  • Pressrepeatedly to cycle through graphs for other sensors.
  • To zoom the selection portion highlight 'Zoom' using, then. Within zoomed view
        Pressto proceed zoomed portion.
        Useto exit to standard view.
  • To shift the zoom selection portion highlight 'Scroll' usingthen press until desired area is within the selection portion, then follow zoom instructions above.
  • To exit highlight 'back' withthen.
View data file: exit highlighted
View data file zoomed

'Analyse' to view the following values;
    Samples - total number of readings taken for that sensor.
    Maximum - the maximum value recorded.
    Minimum - the minimum value recorded.
    Range - the difference between the maximum and the minimum.
    Mean - the mean average of all readings taken.

for each sensor one by one.

  • Press repeatedly to cycle through analysis for other sensors.
  • To exit press.
Analysis of data

'Upload' to transfer the data to your computer. Note: ensure the Serial or USB lead is connected to both logger and computer.

Once the upload is complete you will be prompted: 'Upload complete. Delete file?'

  • Highlight 'Yes' or 'No' using the scroll keys thento activate.

'Delete' to permanently erase a data file. You will be propmpted: 'Confirm Deletion?.

  • Highlight 'Yes' or 'No' using the scroll keys thento activate.

'All' from the selection of experiments.

  • to either 'upload all' or 'delete all' then.

'Home' to return to the main menu.

Delete confirmation: yes highlighted
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