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Data Logger User manual

When setting Parameters always connect the sensors you wish to use in the experiment beforehand. Duration and interval calculations are based on memory available and number of sensors present.

Interval and Duration are based upon each other and available memory. If you select to input the interval this will be followed by a screen displaying the maximum possible Duration calculated from available memory and number of sensors present (if no sensors are present it will be assumed there will be 4). This maximum duration can then be manually reduced if required.

If you select to input the duration this will be followed by a screen displaying the minimum interval, you can manually increase this interval or proceed as is.

Experiment Numbers:
Make a note of theexperiment number at the beginning of or during an experiment (you can find this by pressing the info button), this will make it easier when you want to upload or delete.

Regularly upload and delete files to free memory space. Never remove batteries without backing up data you require, REMOVING THE BATTERIES ERASES ALL DATA FILES.

Always try to remove batteries if the logger is not being used for periods of over 24 hours, this will ensure maximum efficiency of batteries, a very small amount of power is consumed in standby mode.

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