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The activities in the Roamer Maths Packs focus on key ideas in a topic, like measurement. By its nature Roamer work is not restricted, and such activities will automatically involve other themes: units, estimation, number, etc.

Roamer Workcard activities:

  • Provide children with practical experience of mathematics.
  • Offer the only effective way of introducing some ideas.
  • Provide an alternative for presenting or reinforcing other concepts.
  • Complement other mathematical work.
  • Provide beginners with a simple step-by-step introduction to programming Roamer.

Children love Roamer. It makes maths exciting and in particular it facilitates:

  • The presentation of abstract ideas in a concrete way.
  • Group work.
  • Cross curricular activity.
  • The development of mathematical language.
  • The understanding of mathematics through problem solving and discovery.
  • The creation of an environment where children learn from their 'mistakes'.
The workcards are an ongoing development, not just in mathematics but a variety of subjects. They combine to provide effective programmes of study and match curriculum needs.

Roamer Workcard Sample - Roamer Basics
Roamer Workcard Sample - Turning 1

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