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The Under 5s Book is available to view/download as a .pdf file.
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Dear Colleague
This is a summary of useful information for Nursery teachers. It should not replace reading the information in the User Guide.

l DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM - Whenever you turn on Roamer the demonstration program is available for use. Simply press GO and Roamer will move in a triangular shape whilst demonstrating its functions. This program can be used for a variety of activities with Nursery children.

2 CANCELLING MEMORY - The CM button needs to be pressed twice to clear Roamer's memory. Make children listen to the two different sounds, so they can hear that they have cleared Roamer's memory correctly. If CM is pressed only once Roamer will not "forget" and will continue to do what has been previously programmed. This can cause confusion in small children.

3 ROAMER UNITS (FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS) - Roamer moves in units of its own body length (30cm). This is an easy unit for young children to visualise and it also corresponds to a child's footstep. This makes pacing out for estimation fairly accurate. It is better to use Roamer on the floor since this allows children to use "body geometry" when working out Roamer programs. This is a powerful method of aiding understanding. Alternatively, if you have floor tiles, you can change the Roamer units to correspond to their length. To do this press the following:
[no. of centimetres required eg.50] GO
Whilst you can change Roamer units to work on a table top, it is not recommended for this age group.

4 ROAMER UNITS (TURNING) - Roamer turns in degrees. This is very useful for older children but too difficult for younger ones. It is advised that you change the unit of turn to a more appropriate one for this age group. To get Roamer to turn in right angles simply press the following:
[90] GO.
This unit will be retained even when CM CM has been pressed. It is lost if the Roamer is turned off. I suggest that if you have changed the unit you put a piece of sticky tape over the on/off switch to stop the children turning it off accidentally.

5 WORKING IN GROUPS - Roamer is ideal for developing cooperative learning skills. Its motivational power is so great that even the most retiring child will be eager to join in. The activities in this booklet range from whole class to small group activities.

Roamer Playing Cards - These are extremely useful for young children and can be used both for a variety of activities and as a means of recording programs that the children have put into Roamer.
Roamer Jackets - These can be used to personalise Roamer. Each group of children could create their own Roamer character, then when they use Roamer they can put on their jacket and it immediately becomes their own "pet".
Pen Pack - This pack enables Roamer to leave a trail. It helps children see where Roamer has been and helps them draw shapes. Not only can a pen be put down the centre of Roamer but the attachments in this pack allow pens to be fitted to the outside edge.
Roamer Mats - Simply jigsaw these brightly coloured mats together to create a variety of pathways for Roamer to follow or a plain running surface. Or add sticky back plastic numbers/letters and create a number/letter line. Each mat is a Roamer "step" in length.

I am sure that your children will have many happy hours learning with Roamer. This booklet is intended to provide starting activities that will form the groundwork and develop basic skills on which to build.

If you have any queries about using Roamer with your children, please phone me on 0181 673 2233 and I will be glad to help.
Kate Hudson
Customer Services

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