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The Earth in Space


When considering Roamer's use within this theme/topic there are 4 suggested lines of development within a D&T activity:

  1. Roamer as some kind of space communicator.
  2. Roamer as a space vehicle.
  3. Roamer as a space character.
  4. Roamer within a space environment.

Creating the context

Depending upon the age and experience of the children there are many starting points that the teacher may wish to consider:

  • My first holiday - Where did I go? How did I feel? What did I bring back? How did I bring things back?
  • The solar system - known planets and stars.
  • Star signs. The effects of the moon and the sun.
  • Space exploration - How did they travel on the moon? What aids did they have to collect evidence? How did they control unmanned vehicles?


As well as using Roamer as the basis for an exploratory vehicle, teachers may wish to consider the use of other equipment. The Roamer jackets, design pack, control box, lights, motors and sensors could all be of value in extending this activity. Naturally the children may wish to develop the vehicle by using materials such as plastics, wood, card, Inventa and also by the use of graphic media.

One potentially exciting development could come from the children investigating the possibilities of attaching a tape recorder or a video camera to Roamer and sending Roamer on some explorations around the school to gather evidence. This would, in the case of using a video camera, give some novel and stimulating material to view when it had returned from its amazing journey!


A suggested hierarchy of Roamer applications:

Step 1... Sending the Roamer Exploratory Vehicle (REV) on a straight journey to a planet or moon, perhaps in the playground, hall or classroom.
Step 2... Sending the REV to a planet where it waits, rotates to look around and then returns.
Step 3... Sending the REV to a planet where it explores along a predetermined pathway with specific outcomes in mind.
Step 4... Sending the REV to a planet where it makes use of its sensors to explore and collect evidence.

Individual & Group Work

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