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The Earth in Space

Individual Work

How might a Roamer be used as

  • a space vehicle
  • a space communicator
  • a space character
  • a space environment

Develop some designs for Roamer to become:

  • a droid
  • an alien
  • a spaceship
  • an astronaut

Group Work


Turn Roamer into a spaceship eg.

  • an alien craft visiting earth
  • a time machine
  • a "trucking" company vehicle for ferrying goods/passengers
  • a shuttlecraft capable of docking onto a mothership

Design a vehicle for use on the planet eg.

  • a probe for collecting data/evidence
  • a mining machine
  • a rescue vehicle
  • a space police patrol vehicle


Turn Roamer into a warning mechanism eg.

  • a beacon
  • a satellite
  • a mechanism left on the planet sending out warnings to all spaceships

Design a vehicle that can tow an earth vessel containing goods into space eg.

  • objects that would illustrate life on Earth to aliens
  • goods with which to establish trade links with aliens to communicate Earth's good intentions/friendship

Enable Roamer to communicate with others eg.

  • between itself and base
  • between characters
  • with aliens
  • collect information and communicate results


Design a robot eg.

  • a mining robot
  • a ceremonial robot
  • a droid used for a specific purpose (eg.housework)
  • a "disaster" droid

Turn Roamer into an astronaut character eg.

  • a space explorer
  • a bounty hunter
  • a space policeman/woman
  • a space engineer

Change Roamer into an alien form eg.

  • a fierce beast that roams the planet
  • space flora
  • a planet's adorable pet
  • a character from planet "X"


Create a Roamer character that can survive in the planet's atmosphere eg.

  • very cold/very hot
  • very dark
  • zero gravity
  • very wet/very dry

Using Roamer, design a leisure facility for the astronauts eg.

  • a space hotel
  • a leisure complex
  • a theme park for the universe
  • an intergalactic sports stadium

Design an environment for a Roamer character eg.

  • a space prison
  • a space school equipped to serve the galaxy
  • a space port for trading
  • a space travel agency

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