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Flying High with Roamer

The following activities were developed by Maggie Banks, a Valiant Accredited Trainer, for the RAF Musuem in Barnet

SOS Pilot Down

Teacher's Notes

Prepare some "coded" messages for the children to send. You might like to make them a genuine code, so they not only have to translate the morse but them have to crack the code - straight-forward substitution codes are the easiest.

Alternatively you might like to give them strange sounding messages.

The moon is blue
The eagle has landed
Time for tea
Red fox calling
Sugar coated candy
Charlie would like to come home

Pupil's sheet

Taxi for Take-off

Teacher's Notes

This has been designed as a simple activity for younger pupils. The runway should be easy for them to follow with all angles being right angles and the length of all the straight lines should be in exact Roamer units.

To change the unit of turn to right angles press the following:

CM CM [ 90 ] GO.

This unit will remain through a CM CM but will be lost if Roamer is turned off. Therefore you may like to put a piece of sticky tape over the on-off switch to deter children from turning it off.

Pupil's Sheet

Helicopter Food Aid

Teacher's Notes

This activity is intended for older pupils and makes use of Roamer's control facility.

You will need a model helicopter. Attach a motor to output 4 of the Roamer control box. This should drive a gear that will then drive another gear set at a 90 degree angle, to which the rotor (cardboard) is attached.

The light pack contains a flasher unit to which the left and right indicators are attached. Make sure the right indicator is attached to output 2 and the left indicator is attached to output 3.

Make sure that the route set out for the helicopter contains both left and right turns.

Pupil's Sheet

Red Arrows Display Team

Teacher's Notes

You obviously need four (or more) Roamers for this activity.

A nice design and make activity for the children would be to actually turn the Roamers into Red Arrows using 4 red jackets.

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