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In looking at the application of Roamer in this topic there are 4 suggested general areas of activity:

  1. Roamer as a household help
  2. Creating a home for Roamer the robot
  3. Creating a home for Roamer as a creature
  4. Roamer on a building site

Creating the context

The starting points for such activities are many and varied. However, there are some general starting points that are commonly used: visits, collections, class discussions and books. The scenarios for the 4 activities could therefore develop in one of the following ways:

  • Visit to a department store to look at items that help in the home.
  • Look through a collection of catalogues of household goods - these often have many "time-saving devices" that you never knew you needed!
  • Discussions and work on different types of home, including "My home".
  • Stories such as "House for a Mouse" and "Willy the Squowse".


Besides the use of Roamer, the teacher may wish to consider the application of such Roamer "add-ons" as the jackets, control box, lights, motors and sensors. In addition everyday D&T materials can be used in conjunction with Roamer as well as kits such as Inventa.


A suggested hierarchy of Roamer applications:

Step 1... Using the music facility to change Roamer into a doorbell.
Step 2... Developing Roamer into a hostess trolley which can be programmed to deliver food.
Step 3... Changing Roamer into a snowplough including the plough system.
Step 4... Creating a mobile, table decoration that makes use of motors, music lights and movement.
Step 5... Development of the use of Roamer as a mobile plant pot, making use of sensors to search out light.

Individual & Group Work

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