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Due to its mobile nature, Roamer is ideally suited for activities on the theme of journeys. Four areas that may be considered are:

  1. Journeys for a purpose
  2. Journeys in literature
  3. Journeys for fun or recreation
  4. Journeys in history

Creating the context

Throughout a child's school career they will constantly come into contact with stories that involve journeys.

  • At Key Stage 1 stories such as Postman Pat, The Jolly Postman and The Owl and the Pussycat all offer excellent starting points.
  • At Key Stage 2 stories such as Badjelly the Witch, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jason and the Argonauts, Albeson and the Germans all offer a wide range of themes for development. Some of these stories involve journeys which are purely fantastic in nature whilst others reflect journeys that are within the everyday experience of most children.


As well as using Roamer as the integral part of the journey, teachers may also wish to consider the use of other equipment. Within these stories are a myriad of characters and the Roamer jackets and design pack may form an invaluable part in the recreation of these individuals. If a vehicle is to be developed, then the addition of the control box, lights motors and sensors could add an exciting dimension to the topic.


A suggested hierarchy of application for Roamer in the Postman Pat story:

Step 1... A simple activity delivering letters to houses in turn.
Step 2... Delivering to only selected houses involving strategies for the shortest route.
Step 3... Changing Roamer into Postman Pat's van with indicators that flash when Roamer turns.

Individual & Group Work

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