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Individual Work

Make a list of all the people that regularly make a "journey" round the area that you live. Draw a Roamer design for each.

Think of all the journeys that you make. They can be ones that you do every day (eg. to school) or ones that you do less frequently (eg. going on holiday)

Develop some designs for Roamer to become a police Roamer:

  • a police car
  • a policeman/woman
  • a member of the anti-terrorist squad
  • a police helicopter

Group Work


Design a Roamer who serves the community eg.

  • a street cleaner/rubbish collector
  • a milk delivery Roamer
  • a post man/woman
  • a newspaper girl/boy

Create a Roamer for the emergency services eg.

  • a fire engine
  • an ambulance
  • a police car


Create a character from a book you have read eg.

  • Postman Pat
  • Stig of the dump
  • Badjelly the Witch
  • a character or mechanism from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

Write your own story and turn Roamer into a character from it. Perform the story for your friends.

Turn Roamer into a character from a myth or legend eg.

  • King Arthur
  • St George and the dragon
  • Theseus and the Minotaur


Prepare Roamer for a holiday abroad eg.

  • skiing
  • adventure
  • sunbathing
  • sightseeing

Design a Roamer equipped for outdoor pursuits eg.

  • fell walking
  • pot holing
  • cycling
  • bird watching

Turn Roamer into a character or mechanism from an amusement park eg.

  • a ghost train
  • a cable car
  • a strong man
  • a juggler/clown


Turn Roamer into a character from a famous historical journey eg.

  • Viking
  • Roman soldier
  • Crusader

Change Roamer into a historical character famous for his/her journey eg.

  • Christopher Columbus
  • Gladys Aylward
  • Hannibal
  • Edmund Hillary
  • Ffyona Campbell

Create a Roamer character from a famous mythological or legendary journey eg.

  • Jason and the Argonauts
  • Icarus
  • a knight of the Round Table
  • Sinbad

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