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Roamer Resources  


Photocopiable worksheets for the Foundation stage. 12 Roamer activities designed to show progression. Use to develop estimation, counting, number recognition sequencing, turning and angles, early reading, scientific methodology and problem-solving techniques.

Code 1521-800C £15.00


Guide to using Turtle Robots. This helpful guide is divided into 3 sections, Robot Basics, Lesson Plans, Resources with 11 pages of advice and over 32 lesson plans.

Code 1521-801C £29.95

"For schools using Roamers, this guide is a 'must have' resource."
EC&T September 2003


Six units of work, for reception and Year 1, which contain resources for classwork and groupwork for your literacy hour. It has proved to be an extremely popular addition to the Roamer range. Also helps with your numeracy targets!

Code 1521-190C £30.00

"A well thought literacy pack ... offers an interesting alternative to traditional approaches."

The Guide to Literacy Resources 2004


Roamer Workcards  


Meet curriculum needs. Each pack of workcards develops a mathematical skill. Put the packs together and you have a powerful programme of study.

For information on how the cards directly relate to the Numeracy strategy see the article in the Useful Stuff section.

Age Range: 5 to 7

Measurement - 1Code 1521-200C - £13.30

Includes an introduction to non-standard units for measuring and turning. Choosing appropriate units.

Measurement - 2 Code 1521-205C - £9.95
Includes estimating distance and turning. "Bigger than" and "Smaller than" work.

Number - 1 Code 1521-210C - £9.95
Working with early numbersand introducing addition and subtraction.

Angles - 1 Code 1521-250C - £9.95
Using Roamer to introduce turning - quarter turns, north, south, east and west and finally 45o turns.

Age Range: 7 to 9
Geometry - 1 Code 1521-260C - £9.95
Developing concepts of turning - introducing degrees, right angle turns and external angles.

Negative Numbers Code 1521-220C - £9.95
Difficult Maths introduced in a very practical way. Moving either side of zero and investigating negative numbers.

Shape - 1 Code 1521-270C - £9.95
A first look at closed shapes. Polygons and transitions.

Age Range: 9 to 11
Shape - 2 Code 1521-275A - £9.95
Investigating equilateral triangles, squares and regular polygons.

Applied Maths - 1 Code 1521-300A - £9.95
3 activities in which the pupils are taken through the problem-solving process. Great for thinking skills. Roamer Play, Bus Routes and Supply and Demand.

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