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This month contains the first day of spring so we can look forward to lengthening days and warmer weather. This heralds the return of migrating birds. A great topic for this time of year. As you can see from the GO article migration can be a very absorbing and wonderfully cross-curricular theme.

It is about now that maypoles get dusted off ready for May Day. You'd better get your Rcamers practising their maypole dance too! The more Roamers you can get to join in the better.

  and getting in a right old muddle!

This is also the time that the old Statty Fairs (from statute fairs) would appear on common ground. It was a gathering point for all itinerant farm workers and craftsmen to sell their services. They would gather with the tools of their trade prominently displayed ready for employment. Shepherds would turn up in their smocks and crooks ready to help with the lambing etc. You also, of course, got the purveyors of sweetmeats, knife sharpeners, organ grinders, performing animals and a host of other sections of the "entertainment" business ready to profit from such a countryside gathering. It was the beginnings of our modern day electric fairs.

What a great opportunity for creating Roamer characters that might have appeared at these Statty Fairs. And obviously, the fairground is a favourite topic for control. It is very easy to create fairground rides using Inventa and then control them using the Control Console or SenSci.

If you have any suggestions for Topical Topics that you would like to see ideas for or, even better, have a Topical Topic that has worked well with your class and you could share with other teachers please do contact us.

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