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Air Powered Motorbikes


UNIT: Air Powered Motorbike
English   Mathematics   Science   Health
Social Studies   Graphic Art   Info-Tech

Achievement Objectives

Knowledge and Understanding

Develop an understanding of:

1. the use and operation of technologies
2. technological principles and systems
3. the nature of technological practice
4. strategies for the communication, promotion and evaluation

Technological Capability

Students will:

5. identify needs and opportunities to provide possible technological practice
6. with reference to identified needs and opportunities
a. generate possible options and strategies, and select, develop, and adapt appropriate solutions
b. produce technological outcomes to agreed quality standards, manage time, and using human and physical resources skilfully, safely and effectively
c. present and promote ideas, strategies and outcomes throughout technological practice
d. evaluate designs, strategies and outcomes throughout technological practice in relation to their own activities and those of others

Technology and Society

Students should:

7. develop awareness and understanding of the ways the beliefs, values and ethics of individuals and groups
• promote or constrain technological development
• influence attitudes towards technological development
8. develop awareness and understanding of the impacts of technology on society and the environment
• in the past and present and possible future
• in local, national and international settings

Technological Areas   Structures   Electronics
Contexts   Recreational   Personal   Industrial
Essential Skills   Communication   Information Numeracy   Physical   Problem-Solving   Self Management   Social & Co-operation   Work and Study
Project or Unit Focus
Research: What are motorbikes? Where are they used? When were they first commonly used? Name different types?
Design: a motorbike using Technic Lego.
Construct the motorbike using Inventa link strips and other materials e.g. plastic wheels, plastic and steel rods.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this project students will:

  • Design motorbike using Technic Lego.
  • Take a digital Photo of design.
  • Draw fullsize plan of side view.
  • Make motorbike frame using customwood block and Inventa link strips, plus 5mm plastic tubing.
  • Use steel rods for axles and battery holder.
  • Wire and solder up swkch and motor for on / off connection.

Learning Experiences

  • Research information about motorbikes
  • Create a design solution
  • Use a digital camera
  • Construct a motorbike frame with suspension using Inventa link strips.
  • Assemble by pinning together with 5mm plastic rods.
  • Make a battery holder.
  • Learn to wire an on / off switch and connect to battery holder and motor.
  • Use soldering iron, solder and flux to join wire.
  • Hacksaw steel rods for axles and battery holder.
  • Use drill press to drill holes in frame and to enlarge hoies in wheels to make a firm fit when inserted into the wheels.


Print and check digital photo.

Check design drawing is practical solution.

Assess and mark research.

Assess and mark finished motorbike.

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