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Air Powered Motorbikes

Research for Homework

  • What are motor cycles?
  • When were motor cycles first commonly used?
  • Where are they used?
  • Why are they used as a means of transport?
  • What different types of modern motorbikes can you name? (2 to 4 wheels)
  • Find a picture of one old and one modern motorcycle.

Design and Make:    an Air Powered Motorbike

  • Using Technic Lego construct a motorbike or farm bike of your own design.
  • Take a digital photo of your model then Draw full-size sketch of side view for your proposed motorbike.
  • From the drawing make your air powered motorbike using the materials listed below

Materials that may be used:

Forks and Frame: Inventa Link Strips
90 x 40 x 9mm custom wood for centre frame

Rods & Handle bars: 5 mm plastic and steel rods

Wheels: 40 mm Plastic coloured wheels

Axles: 4 mm Steel Rods

Others: Electric Motor, Switch, Hook-up Wire and a Propeller.
5 mm steel rod for battery holder.
Craft stick and paper binders with washers.

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