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Introducing MathAmigo
UK Version    US Version
Sample MathAmigo activities for Palm (downloadable)
To try out RoamerWorld for yourself simply
download a 30 day trial by clicking here
This fun Roamer screensaver is guaranteed safe to use. You may automatically install or manually install (see readme.txt for details)
Gaelic Lesson plans for Roamer (downloadable .doc files)
with thanks to Siusaidh NicNeill, Sgoil Stafainn, Isle of Skye
Lesson 1 intro to P1/2 Problem Solving, making a square
Lesson 2 playing a game with lily pads
Thanks to University of Aberdeen Gaelic for lesson plan templates
Welsh Language Roamer Worksheets
(downloadable .doc file)
Data Logger Demo
At-a-glance Guide for the SenSci Data Logger (.pdf file)
Roamer Symbols
Roamer Certificate (.pdf file)
Roamer Songs
Downloadable Song
'Yellow Submarine' (RoamerWorld file)
with thanks to Lee Rymill, Education Deanery
'Roamer' as a learning tool
The INVENTA Elastic Powered Toy Car
Air Powered Motorbikes
Geometry Microworld for the Valiant Turtle
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