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The cybernetic "turtle" is now accepted as the ideal tool for introducing children to computer programming. It is the gateway into the powerful programming language LOGO, which is becoming accepted as standard in primary education.

The Valiant Turtle is the world's first mass-produced, remote-controlled Turtle. It performs a range of activities impossible for a "cord controlled" Turtle.

Infra-red signals from the computer are converted into moves, turns and pen action by the Turtle's logic control.

The red lights inside the Valiant Communicator and on the Valiant Turtle's pentagonal control board go on and off, indicating that instructions are being transmitted and received. The Valiant Turtle is powered by two stepper motors which can be adjusted to give maximum accuracy during drawing.

The ten rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries can be recharged by plugging a power adaptor into a socket on the Valiant Turtle. The Valiant Turtle's two illuminated eyes serve as power indicators.

The Valiant Turtle can be interfaced with most popular microcomputer systems. Valiant provide an interface disc to enable it to run from popular versions of LOGO. Some manufacturers incorporate driver routines for the Valiant Turtle in their versions of LOGO.

The Valiant Turtle draws with all types of Berol pen except the Fineline and the Highlighter. The Valiant Turtle normally moves in units of 1cm.

Some versions of LOGO allow programming of multiple turtles, or "sprites". Up to four Valiant Turtles can be independently programmed from one computer.

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